The Value Maker role was introduced to create a network of passionate individuals across the NHS who champion and spread the work and messages of FFF. Members of this established network connect using a wide range of forum, sharing best practice, resources, ideas and working on many of the projects within FFF.  Sharing best practice helps drive up standards within finance functions and organisations this will help with accreditation, ensure effective use of resources and ultimately improve patient care. 

A Value Maker is someone who is committed to making a difference and who is passionate about the power of finance in supporting the delivery of excellence in patient care. Value Makers are driven, innovative, energetic, enthusiastic and have great communication skills, utilising different media.  Most of all they are passionate about NHS Finance, Making People Count and the development of finance staff and teams.

The network aims to have a network of active value makers in every region, this is supported by regional networks with a regional lead.  It aims to develop Value Makers and support them in their role through regular events.  The network will provide regular networking opportunities and will regularly communicate and update the Value Makers.  It will support Value Makers to be an ambassador for Future-Focused Finance at local, regional and national level.

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