One NHS Finance began as a nationwide conversation that gave everyone working in the finance community the opportunity to share current challenges and input into how the future of the function is shaped.

We will be creating two new programmes to run alongside Future-Focused Finance: The National Finance Academy and The Finance Innovation Forum which will launch on 23rd September 2021. Book your place on the launch event to find out more: Register for the Becoming One NHS Finance virtual event.

Next steps for One NHS Finance

You said you wanted more support and opportunities for hybrid working: Through the Future-Focused Finance proamme we are producing guidance and resources to help support you in new ways of working and returning to the office. We will also be recruiting more Health and Wellbeing champions within organisations and developing further resources for them to offer further support for colleagues, and putting on a series of national events.

You said you wanted the NHS to be seen and promoted as the best place to work for a career in finance: Through Future-Focused Finance, we will be hosting Virtual Careers fairs and enabling virtual work experience. We will also promote roles, career stories and available opportunities to attract high-performaing and diverse talent.

You said you wanted equitable access to training and development opportunities: We are developing a National Finance Curriculum to outline the technical skills, personal competencies, and behavioural characteristics needed at different stages in your career. Development programmes will be designed and delivered through the National Finance Academy and regionally to ensure all staff have consistent and progressive opportunities at all grades.

You said you wanted more exposure to different areas of finance in organisations and systems: Through the National Finance Academy, we will be developing secondment and job shadowing opportunities that will allow staff to move between roles and develop their knowledge and experience of NHS finance.

You said you wanted equitable access to embrace technologies and automation: Through the Finance Innovation Forum, we have set up an automation group to help research best practice, develop new ways of working, and improvements to NHS systems and processes.

You said you wanted to be given the opportunity to be brave and innovate when trying to implement change: Through the Finance Innovation Forum, we are establishing a process to identify common problems and showcase innovation NHS solutions. This will help develop new ways of working and improve our systems and processes. NHS finance staff will be able to submit their innovations to the Forum and receive certification in recognition of particularly innovative solutions.

Our vision

We are a diverse, highly skilled, and respected workforce with strong leadership, working together to support the delivery of world class health and care. We are innovators and problem solvers, collaborating across systems to provide the best value for patients. We strive to improve our function and develop our people, making our NHS the employer of choice for a career in finance.

Together we are One NHS Finance

If you would like to get involved in helping to develop one of our new programmes, please get in touch with us at

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