One NHS Finance began as a nationwide conversation that gave everyone working in the finance community the opportunity to share current challenges and input into how the future of the function is shaped.

The conversation was commissioned by the NHS Finance Leadership Council (FLC), who sought to create an ambitious development strategy for the finance community to make NHS finance an outstanding environment to work in.

Through analysing the data in the two online conversations, six values and a vision emerged:

Our values

  1. Fairness - We will be consistent and fair in the way our people are treated, creating a more inclusive environment by treating each other well.
  2. Patients - We will connect with the people and services we provide to improve quality and enable better decision-making.
  3. Collaboration - We will collaborate across organisations, systems, and nationally, to share knowledge and ideas, learnings and solutions.
  4. Innovation - We will harness the experience and ideas from our finance community to identify improvements in working practices and help to develop new ideas.
  5. Inclusion - We will continuously strive to be better by nurturing and supporting all staff at each stage of their career. Our finance function will be a place where everyone feels comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work
  6. Accountability - We act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do.

Our vision

We are a diverse, highly skilled, and respected workforce with strong leadership, working together to support the delivery of world class health and care. We are innovators and problem solvers, collaborating across systems to provide the best value for patients. We strive to improve our function and develop our people, making our NHS the employer of choice for a career in finance.

Next steps

We will be creating two new programmes to run alongside Future-Focused Finance: The National Finance Academy and the Finance Innovation Forum. The three programmes will be delivered under the One NHS Finance umbrella, with dedicated central resource and support

Together we are One NHS Finance.