In collaboration with NHS England and NHS Improvement, we want to ensure every member of the NHS finance community has an opportunity to participate in the national online conversation about our current challenges and how to shape the future of the NHS finance function. Our belief is that if we can truly involve all 16,000 finance professionals in a conversation about how we can work better together, we can ensure issues and challenges are discussed, insight and solutions are driven from finance professionals themselves and we will be far better placed to meet the challenges we face as a society and the pressures on the NHS.

2,000 people joined the initial online conversation that was run throughout October 2020, sharing 285 ideas, 1,234 comments and 13,060 votes - totalling over 14,500 contributions. You can still login to read all the ideas and comments that were shared but you can no longer add to them.

We will take the feedback from the online workshop and carry out detailed analysis during November. Our desire is to generate and agree a practical plan of action for our community based on the ideas and comments from the online conversation.