Future Leaders

This network is for anyone who aspires to be a finance leader and is currently working at band 7 or above. The aim of the network is to provide future leaders the opportunity to network with others at a similar stage in their career with similar aspirations. Enrolment to the network is by self-nomination (see form under downloads on this page). Once signed up, members will have access to a menu of learning and development opportunities, including Master Classes at regional and national levels and Webinars.

Aspiring Finance Leaders

This network is for those working at Band 8c or above including those already at Deputy Director of Finance Level (Associate Directors of Finance, Assistant Directors of Finance and Deputy Directors of Finance or equivalent) who would like to further develop their skills and link with others working at a similar level. Those in the network will have the opportunity to meet regularly, locally as well as nationally. The network will also offer opportunities to discuss career paths with local fiance leaders and access to personal development. Enrolment is by self-nomination, (see form under the downloads on this pags).

The Finance Leaders National Talent Pool

The National Talent Pool is for those who are ready now or in the very near future to take on Finance Director or equivalent level roles in the NHS. The aim of the National Talent Pool is to build a diverse pool of talent that improves the number and quality of applicants for future fiance leadership vacancies. The Talent Pool provides a network of peers and access to experienced fiance system leaders. Access to the Talent Pool is through a rigorous application and interview process. In 2018/19 we are looking to develop a Talent Pool for those aspiring to be Deputy Directors of Finance.

New in post FD/CFO Programmes

As part of our continued support to those who have graduated the National Talent Pool by securing and Finance Director level role, we are offering tailored development programmes to support graduates into their new positions.

If you'd like more information, or want to find out how to sign up to one of the programmes then please email us futurefocusedfinance@nhs.net