What is the National Finance Talent Pool? 

The National Finance Talent Pool is made up of Finance Leaders across England who are ready now, or in the very near future, to become Finance Directors or Chief Finance Officers in the NHS. 

Supported by the Finance Leadership Council – the board that sets the strategic direction for finance skills development in the NHS in England – and NHS England and NHS Improvement’s Regional Finance Directors.

‘Our aim is to build a diverse pool of talent that improves the number and quality of applicants for finance leadership roles that reflect the populations that we serve.’

Cathy Kennedy, Director of Operational Finance, NHS England and NHS Improvement and FFF Lead for Senior Talent Management Programmes

Selection into the National Talent Pool is through a competitive application and interview process designed to reflect FD/CFO application procedures and the Executive Director Success Profile that is used by NHS Regional Talent Boards through the Aspire Together initiative.

Further information on the National Finance Leaders Talent Pool can be found on the downloads section of this page.

Please note that the 2020 Talent Pool process was paused in March (due to the pandemic) halfway through the interview process, we are looking to restart the National Finance Talent Pool as soon as possible and this page will be updated when we have further information on timelines.