Behavioural Skills Framework

We have developed this framework which outlines the behavioural skills finance staff need to develop to carry out their jobs in the best way possible.

Sponsorship Programme

A two-year programme for groups under-represented at director level.

Best Possible Value

Practical tools and resources to support you in planning and making effective, value-based decisions for service users and taxpayers.

Cross Professional Boundaries

This King’s Fund toolkit helps leaders from clinical and financial teams who want to encourage collaboration across professional boundaries.

Hire to Retire

This toolkit provides practical guidance designed to help you redesign your processes, reducing the time spent on tasks and adding value.

Procure to Pay

This toolkit will reduce time spent on processing, freeing up time to support business partnering and finance insight.

Recruitment Charter

Our charter is designed to set clear expectations of the recruitment process in-line with NHS D&I standards when conducted through a recruitment consultant or agency.

Systems Benchmarking

This Maturity Tool will benchmark your organisation against 3 industry standards and enable you to evaluate aspects of your finance processes.

Great Place to Work

We want to make NHS finance a great place to work and our research has helped identify the behaviours that are important if we are to achieve this.

Four Strengths Framework

Develop the skills you need for the challenges ahead. This is a simple and time-saving toolkit to support the development process.